Carl Mac Bride

CEO of IRS Inc., Author of “Everything you need to know about The Art of Research


Born and educated in Canada, Carl attended Brock University for business, marketing and merchandising. He began his work career in retail with Woolco quickly became the restructuring manager exceeding all company records throughout Canada. He later joined Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company, (MONY LIFE) as a Life Underwriter. Within the first six months he was among the top ten producers and remained there for the next four years, later becoming an Underwriting trainer. He continued taking additional college courses to obtain a number of credits and degrees as well as various insurance specialty courses at Geneva College including the LUATC and the industries prestigious C.L.U training. After purchasing a Canadian based locating company he then moved the business to Florida to become an affiliated partner with the Wackenhut Corporation, now G4S (one of the world’s largest security and investigation companies). I.R.S. Inc. has been recognized nationally and internationally as the leading firm in its field of locating missing debtors the collection and private investigation industry failed to locate.

Carl is the founder of International Research Specialists, Inc., (I.R.S.) “AKA People Locator Inc.” In keeping with his quest for continuing corporate growth, he successfully negotiated on behalf of I.R.S. Inc., to acquire the client/asset list of their only recognizable competitor International Tracing Services, Inc. Since that time, other business interests include partnership participation with FRIC (First Resolution Investment Corp.), and joint ventures with I.T.S. and PLI-International, to name a few.

Carl has been a guest speaker or instructor, while attending more than 250 National, regional and International financial conferences. This includes conferences such as Student Loans, Child Support, Insurance, Automobile Finance, Consumer Lending, Credit Card, Collection Agencies, Private Investigations, the Legal Networks and Recovery industry. “There is no one in this industry better equipped to teach the Best Practices of the locate business. It’s time for me to share what I’ve learned from the Best of the Best. Computers don’t find people, resourceful, skillful, talented people with creative approaches find virtually anyone, and I’ve developed this course to teach you how!” Carl MacBride



…It is a “No Brainer” when you do the math! Thanks for making it so easy!

Tonja, Education Default Prevention

your answers to questions like, “what do you do when someone hangs up on you” were so helpful. Having these close at hand when on the phone is a must!


I am very pleased to know that I am better than I was.