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Our Program

An online education allows you to further your education and develop additional skills without going back to a bricks and mortar school.  In addition, it is very convenient as you can accomplish this in the comfort of your home and you decide what time is convenient for you, so you are more in control.  If you allocate just 60 minutes a day to this endeavor you can pursue your passion and earn a certification in the explosive and emerging Information Brokering business.

Below are some questions you may ask yourself to judge if our course is right for you.

Who would you like to be able to find?

How many people would you like to locate? There are probably hundreds if not thousands of reasons to locate someone.

Would you like to locate an old childhood friend?

How about locating your first love or a previous girlfriend or boyfriend?

Or could it be locating someone who owes you child support/alimony?

Could it be that someone you loaned money to has never paid you back?

Would you like to locate all your classmates for a class reunion?

These are just a few of the basic reasons for locating anyone with numerous variations of all these reasons.

Other than these reasons you may wish to become part of the explosive “Information Brokerage Industry” as a Professional Research Specialist. This is an exceptionally self gratifying, thrilling and financially rewarding career opportunity.

Course Career Options

The Research Specialist Certification will categorically and positively provide graduates with a tried and proven edge over their competition in their job seeking efforts.

This online course training and material will provide considerable advantages for obtaining employment or doing contract work. In addition, it will also enhance your research skills which can be utilized in a multitude of areas, some of which are listed below:

  • The Paralegal Field
  • Child Support Delinquency
  • Law Enforcement
  • Adoption Research
  • Private Investigations
  • Genealogy Research
  • Judgment Recoveries
  • Locating Individuals for Class Reunions
  • Student Loan Recovery & Financial Aid
  • Locating School Alumni
  • Medical Billing
  • Mortgage Brokerage/Property Title
  • Accounts Receivable/First Party
  • Real Estate/Property Owners
  • Auto/Collateral Repossession
  • Journalism/Reporting
  • Banking & Financial Lending
  • Insurance Sales/Reduced Paid Up Policy Holders
  • Trust Officers/Estate Settlements
  • Claims Adjusters/Witnesses

  • This skill can be used in virtually any area where there is a need to locate someone.

    Locating anyone is easy.
    It is just like any other learned skill set.  Once you’ve completed and learned the techniques in this course, then you’ll also become very familiar with some of the many ways to develop the attitude and various approaches that will be needed as a Professional Research Specialist. You can then decide which ones you are most comfortable with. This will be the most valuable, useful and essential action to allow you to find people.

    What is the length of the course?

    This course should be completed in 30 hours or less. Most colleges which offer PI (Private Investigation) courses base their programs on a 100 hour or more time frame and cost about $250 per credit hour.   So students doing these courses can expect to spend approximately $25,000, leaving most of them with student loans.

    PI courses devote little if any time to the art of research to locate missing people. In the PI world, those courses are typically more geared to Bounty Hunting commonly referred to as Skip Tracing and/or Surveillance.

    As is the case with traditional college courses, this online course can be completed in a much shorter time, depending on how enthusiastic the student is and how eager they are to get started in their chosen career. Others who may want to do this type of work on a part-time basis would likely complete the course in the full amount of time allotted.   You decide what works best for you based on your schedule and life style.

    As you can see, this course can be completed in as little as 1 week or less, or stretched out over 5 or 6 weeks. Again you decide.   If you are serious about making a career change by getting into the Information Brokering Industry and are committed to doing whatever it takes, you will have an extremely successful and financially rewarding career.

    Laboratory Work Option.

    In the traditional brick and mortar schools many professional courses require laboratory work in order to gain hands-on experience in the potential profession.  This course may also offer this opportunity to pre-selected candidates based on their test scores and to help them in obtaining their IRS Certification. These graduates will only be the applicants who have been prequalified and prescreened by IRS and who are looking to become Independent Contractors with IRS Inc.

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