There are many elements that make up the “Art of Research”.  Our course provide you with expert insight to help master these techniques.





We are pleased to announce this one-of-a kind tell-all course which provides the tools and information needed to become a professional Research /Information broker.   This course will provide the student with techniques, approaches, attitudes and “industry secrets” that have never before been offered or revealed.
Carl MacBride is an entrepreneur, and author of “Thinking outside the Box”.  A recognized authority on the psychology of finding people, he has spent over 30 years in the Insurance and Skip Tracing business, assisting many prominent companies with their most difficult locate needs.
Numerous articles about Carl MacBride have been published in many influential trade and financial publications




Our course will provide the edge you need in these High Demand Careers and Industries:


Real Estate Agent/Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and Title Searchers:

Virtually all will regularly need to locate and contact previous property owners for anyone of several reasons. Typically for the Brokers or Agents, this may ultimately be only to procure a listing. Other research needs may also be to determine clear title or any other sale closing purposes, etc…

Professional Financial Advisors, for Lead Generation, and Life Underwriter Agents:

Primarily these professionals will need to locate a Beneficiary which additionally provides a much greater quality prospect, opposed to the typical suspect lead. However, the most overlooked purpose is to research and contact these routinely disregarded and archived Reduced Paid-up (RPU) Lapsed INS policy-holders.

Lawyers, Para Legal, and Legal Secretaries:

The various job descriptions in the law profession will often require locating Missing Witnesses to an accident, Defendants, Beneficiary, and Heirs to Estates, Debtors, or Litigants etc. And even their own Clients once their case is settled, often some years later.

Child Support Enforcements, Social Workers, and Genealogists:

These professions repeatedly spend most of their time in researching to contact and locate someone. More often than not these are either outdated records or very elusive individuals when related to Child Support debtor issues. Therefore, the variable techniques presented in this training course will be greatly appreciated to expand one’s imagination.

Journalists and Reporters:

The news industry also has been externally protective in regards to their techniques and skills to obtain information. This is largely due to the highly competitive nature of the industry. These professionals likewise are extremely reluctant to disclose any of their Research methods or resources. Consequently and historically some have actually faced prison time rather than disclose their sources or any ways and means for obtaining the story. Private Investigators, Process Servers, Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters may also benefit from these highly skilled communication methods utilized by some of the industry’s most talented and successful professionals to date. This is further complimented by the positivity and acting examples presented herein.

Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Police Officers, Detectives, and Parole Officers:

Many of these here mentioned are or will most often be Moonlighting in one or more of these related professions. More often than not, they will need to locate someone for anyone of these stated reasons.

Loan Officers, Financial Collectors, and Repossessions Agents:

Recovery of property or collection of overdue money owed is a completely different activity and should not be compared to that of a Research Specialists. The research activity should not be confused or combined with the collection or the recovery activity. This is essential to maintain compliance with most State and Federal Laws. All Research Specialists Professionals activities are only an Information Brokering purpose and should not be part of any of other job function.

Skip-tracing, Investigation and Information brokering is the art of locating someone or something through applied research. If you are looking for a course that can quickly get you up to speed with advanced techniques and tactics used by the most successful people locators, then this course is for you. There is a growing demand for such professionals who can locate information that can lead to making that “impossible find.  These fields include law enforcement, insurance companies, finances, and real estate to name a few.   Learn how to implement the same techniques used by the most skilled industry veterans. These specialized techniques will significantly increase your effectiveness in researching the whereabouts of missing individuals or effectively converting leads to clients.  This course offers the student a comprehensive guide to understanding the Art of Research.
In order to provide the highest learning experience we can, we have compiled teachings from research specialist Carl Mac Bride, a Skip-tracing professional with over 30 years in the industry. This course not only provides you with solutions to locating individuals, it also prepares you for any number of reasons why you would need to locate someone (or something). Carl exposes you to many secrets that he and other professionals use to locate “the impossible to find” individuals. Through this comprehensive course, you will learn how to do the same.


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